Feedback after a remote group treatment on the topic of digestion:

"Dear Annette!

The session with the topic digestion was really "special" for me. I was lying on the bed and probably only listened to you for 10 minutes. Then I sank into an incredibly beneficial, deep sleep, from which I woke up again about 40 minutes later and was surprised that nobody was "with me" anymore. It was quiet. You no longer spoke. Hm - no one there!?! Quite puzzled, I asked my body what he had experienced. His answer: "I feel as if someone had used a gentle pipe cleaner and now an old plug is loosening." The success came out over the next two days…

Since then I've been eating with much more peace and enjoyment! (I also liked to eat, but more hectic and often more fleeting). "

Anicke L.