Healthy planet, healthy people!

When I first came to New Zealand I was impressed by the nature. I fell in love with this beautiful country and the lovely people I met here. With such an environment how does it happen that so many people have problems with their legs and feet? I see a lot of Arthritis in all parts of the body. Knee pain, hip pain, feet, finger, elbow and shoulder pain and arthritis is what I often see. From the holistic point of view, I easily find some reasons for that. It might be the diet, with way too many dairy products, Meat and bad quality Veggies. The soils of New Zealand are exhausted.

This is something that makes me really sad! There are sustainable ways of farming available, but not many are choosing it. I am not a farmer, I know that you might know it better and still, I am asking: What could we be, do and choose to create a sustainable living Earth and future for at least the next 10.000 years?

I was shocked when I first saw Roundup and Glyphosate at the Supermarkets, like dishwasher liquid or Bread. Everyone seems to use it. These two chemicals are in a lot of countries forbidden because they are causing cancer! Guess what the number one death cause in New Zealand is? Right, it is cancer!

Did you know that you have more bacteria in your body than cells? Most of these bacteria are supporting our bodies, they help to digest food, they strengthen our immune system and we can’t survive without them. Glyphosate and Roundup and other chemicals are killing all these little helpers. Have you seen soil that has been sprayed to death? It can’t hold the water and crops are not growing anymore. Have you seen a healthy, natural meadow or forest with all the variety? There is no erosion, all animals in that environment are thriving.

After buying our little new home, I wanted to grow at least some of my own crops. The former owner used regularly spray and I couldn’t find worms or a healthy root system. First thing I started my Bodkashi again. Bokashi is a way of composting with fermentation like Sauerkraut for the soil made of craps.

Look at this picture.

The left part has not seen any bokashi yet, at the right is a picture of a plot where I dug in my bokashi 6 months ago. It is thriving, a variety of plants and insects, obviously the roots are able to keep plenty of water.

Now ponder this: You are somewhere out in space and you see Earth. What do you see? One big ball. We are part of it. The bugs we kill, the species we eradicate from this planet, this is all part of us too! Earth and every being are functioning in a system. If we destroy huge parts of it, the system wouldn’t work anymore. We are destroying our own future.

Please tap into the energy of native New Zealand bush in Fjordland, then tap into the energy of the Canterbury Plains. What makes you happier?

My question: What would it take to support the entire planet with our being here?

What could we change to give back and reconnect with Earth?

and here is one of my favourite movies related to this topic "The biggest little Farm":

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