Living in fear

Is fear a part of your reality? I am observing what is happening right now with some of the people I like. Some of them got caught in fear of COVID, of other peoples breaths, of being hugged, of different choices, of healthy bodies...

Do you know that fear changes the functionality of your brain?

There are specific parts of our extraordinary brains that are designed to be creative, to think, invent, conclude, feel, perceive emotions, calculate, being logical and reasonable. This part is the cerebrum. If we live in fear the function of this part of the brain gets (more or less) turned off. The body is allowing us only to maintain the functions for surviving. It is like being steered by a reptile brain, that knows the risk of death and no risk of death. If there is danger no thinking, no creativity is required, run away and survive is what's required.

Some symptoms of anxiety are: Breathing problems , disability to think, tense muscles, aggression, impatience, digestion problems, bad night sleep....

I can see a huge difference between people who are following the mainstream media, watching the news, looking into masked faces all day, and people who avoid these fear enhancing stories, sold as the only truth.

As soon as you switch on the TV you get bombarded with COVID-Adverts and self-thinking get stopped.

Please, don't get me wrong! I totally agree that there might be a virus that is causing flu-like symptoms and that some people die.

I also can read numbers and make up my own mind. Every Year people are dying of the flu. In 2017, 871* people died of influenza and pneumonia in New Zealand, within almost 1,5 Years of COVID 28 people died of COVID in New Zealand (source: 18. Oct.2021). 9638* people died of cancer in 2017. From my point of view, this would be a reasonable amount of deaths to look at what is causing it! Is it the poison that is more and more used in New Zealand? The increasing use of Roundup and Glyphosate, 1080 that is poisoning the water, mouldy houses, alcohol and drugs abuse, modified food, and furthermore? Where is the warning from the government there? Why is it still allowed to use poisonous sprays that are forbidden in most other countries because of their cancer and death rates? What else is possible here?


I learned in Naturopathy school how to find out what is causing a disease. There is a protocol called "differential diagnosis". If someone comes e.g. with belly pain you start to investigate what is the reason. You ask questions like: Have you had an accident? Have you been travelling? Have you eaten something that might cause this? What other symptoms do you have? And so forth. Then you would take a blood test and maybe urine and a stool sample. You would look for all possibilities to prevent treating the wrong way and allow the patient to get better soon.

With COVID this way of investigation got out of fashion as it seems. You have flu or cold symptoms, the only thing that is looked for, by using a test that is doubtable, is a Virus called SARS-cov-2. BTW there is no information available with these tests that would tell you which variant you would have. The well-known truth about the flu is: There are plenty of bugs that might cause it. Some are treatable with antibiotics, some with Vitamins, some with other highly effective approved drugs. And maybe, the COVID Vaccine does that job too, but it is neither safe nor approved or very effective, as you must have another shot after a short time and another and another, as it seems. And side effects are frequently appearing straight after or within 1-12 weeks and the longtime effects like infertility and a weak immune system are not yet to be seen.

What is the benefit for the people who are pushing us to take that risk? Is there money involved? What questions are coming into your mind?

Would you like to think your own thoughts?

My advice (if you are asking for that ;-)): Take some deep breaths, take a walk in nature and leave the TV off, then start to ask questions and choose what is best for you! Get informed before it is too late, what comes into your body with an injection is probably never getting out again. And remember, it is changing your mRNA, your blueprint!

That's my point of view! You don't have to agree, resist, or react. I just want to inspire people who are looking for a greater life.

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