What is the reason behind all that?

Is the COVID 19 Pandemic really real?

Who is the winner of all the restrictions, Drugs, shortages, etc.?

Let's follow the money!

Thanks to Tim Gielen you need only one hour to see where you would get by asking some good questions!

Please, make your own research before it is too late!

Let's be aware of what is going on and find a way to unite our powers! Free your mind, turn off the mainstream media and do some research, it is all out there!

The world economic forum has a homepage, you will find all the information how they planned and make it now happen.

What else is possible?

What could we be and do different that would empower us?

Use your own mind! Be aware, know!

Unite and stand up!

Also keep the spirit high. By turning off the TV and burn the newspaper without reading first it is easier than you might think!

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